Posted by: StatusPidit September 18, 2018
Canada visitor visa on TPS
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I am so glad someone asked this. I'm on TPS too and I applied for a Canadian visa as well. It was like 4..5 months ago. The process was so simple that I was amazed. Kudos to the Canadian government!!

There's an official government website (I think it was canada dot ca or something like that). You can fill out a questionnaire and they will tell you what kind of visa you need and how to apply. You can upload all your docs online. Then after a week or two, I got an email saying please mail us your passport for further steps, with a return envelope. I did that. I sent my passport to a California address (maybe their consulate office). Apply gare dekhi visa laayera ghar maa aauda samma, I think it took me a little over 1 month. Trust me, it's very smooth.

Maile chai kaha basney bhanera sodhcha bhanera euta hotel ma booking garera receipt ni upload garya thye. Tyo reservation pachhi cancel gare. :D Mero goal chai TPS maa huda nai Canada tira visa (H1, F1, etc.) laauna jaana parla ki bhanera visa laai raakhya ho. Mero passport 2024 ma expire huncha. Visa ni expiration date samma kai deko chha, unlike for 1 to 2 yrs. I was surprised. Haha....

Good luck!!
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