Posted by: AnandNepal September 14, 2018
कोमल ओलि र धिरेन्द्र बिचको अफेयर
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After 12th episode, I decided to pause Dhirendra's videos.
I am yet to talk about two most important issues.
- Namita Sunita Kanda
- why was Dhirendra in Nepal during Durbar Hatyakanda.

Both of these topics are sensitive and needs a lot of research. I tried, searching about them. I found a book by Kishor Shrestha on Namita Sunita Kanda. The book seems unreliable.
I will comeback to this issue after a while.

in the meantime, I have started a NEW SERIES
Paras and Himani on Friday!

Last week's video about Paras and Himani has got more than 1Lakh views

This Friday's video is about Himani's sisters (more than 17,000 views in 10 hours):

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