Posted by: STUPIDA July 25, 2018
Experience with B2 extension
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Once you file extension and have receipt of notice, you can legally stay in USA until you receive notice of approval/denial from USCIS even when your original I-94 expired.

If this is the 1st extension, it will be approved as long as you have valid reason for extension.

If you need to withdraw the application. just write a letter to USCIS with your case no and intention of withdrawing. They will withdraw your case, but fee is gone. Just send this to Mommy when she comes back again so she can prove that application was withdrawn just in case.

No issue in POE.

I did same for my parents. Filled for extension, they stayed another 2-3 months after their i-94 expired. They left, no results and send a letter to USCIS to withdraw extension application. USCIS send a letter confirmation.
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