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 Baburam and Bilateral treaty with India
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Posted on 10-24-11 7:22 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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1. Mr. Baburam Bhattarai did a treaty with india and  said.....It is a gambling....

2. Now he is saying that- it is the most important treaty of our time, it will bring indian investment...Nepalese will
get job inside the country and the flow of Nepali worker to Arab (to sweat) will stop. I could not agree with this statement at all.
(If he had said... okay, we are trying to lure the Indian investment in our country and we are trying to experiment by doing this if we can make progress in economic development, it would make sense. However, he is saying that it will definitely make Nepalese rich..produce jobs and so on.... which is a baseless claim and a total lie)

3. Who bombed the industries...who destroyed the tourism, who bombed the private schools and colleges in Nepal (which are producing thousands of jobs inside the country)? The answer is simple- It is Baburam Led  so called "Jana Sarkar".  Where was  his brain at that time when they were bombing private and public property which were giving thousands of jobs to Nepali People. Now, suddenly...he got enlightment in his Brain and saying security is the Key for the investment...What a lier and a Joker!!!

4. I used to visit his website....Baburambhattarai.com. There used to be a communist party flag and ...it was written that..I prefer to die fighting against injustice...bla blah... However, when he become PM and was preparing visit to India... he removed everything
from there....there is no flag of his party and the words are removed...... what a hypocricy?

5. There are some Nepali  Goebbels  who are trying hard to prove that Baburam is a solution of our problems....Please tell
them he looks to have psychological problems....and not try to fool Nepali people any more.

6. Having said all the points above......I totally agree that security in the nation brings the investment in the country.....to understand this we neither have to have a college degree nor any pundit has to give lecture to us....Howevere, I doubt that BIPA Brings the economic revolution in the country....If you want economic revolution- provide the security in the country....controll the hooligans,..
and party cadres.....look for the investment if they can come from other countries (Europe and America) for big projects..

At this point ...I totally disagree with Baburam and his goebbels for trying hard to mislead people...and I just laugh to their hypocricy..

Last edited: 25-Oct-11 07:04 AM

Posted on 10-24-11 11:59 AM     [Snapshot: 98]     Reply [Subscribe]
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been telling you all along..this guy is a RAW agent destined to hand over Nepal's freedom to india. India will never annex nepal with military force and they don't have to whenthey have their puppet running the show. That's what the Indians have been doing,  why invade and bring upon headache when they can have their policies rule Nepal with same result.  This two faced coward will keep pushing policies that will force Nepal to dance in India's tune even more. 

Posted on 10-24-11 8:34 PM     [Snapshot: 213]     Reply [Subscribe]
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एउटा द्रिस्टिकोण -

नेपालमा हुने भारतिय लगानिमा नेपालि माओवादि जस्ता ले बम हाने भने नेपाल ले क्षतिपुर्ति दिनु पर्ने रे - हो?

भोलि देखी क्रान्तिकारि युनियनले नेपालीको लगानि मा बम हान्ने भारतीयको मा नहान्ने गर्दै हिडे भने नेपालि bankrupt हुने तर भारतीय लगानि फस्टाउने स्थिति आउन सक्छ कि सक्दैन? अनि रोजगार त आउला तर आर्थिक निर्भरता अवस्य बढ्नेछ ।

Posted on 10-25-11 6:42 AM     [Snapshot: 310]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Exactly, that is the concern. Another important thing to be noted-- India and Nepal share the open Border, if there are jobs availabe
in Nepal (in industries opened by indians), who will get the first priority?  That is an open question.
I woud rather do BIPPA with USA, Canada,  S. Korea, Russia, china, Europe etc....which brings in more money and
do not invite cheap labours from other countries and that ensures the Jobs (labour) to Nepali Citizens...

Last edited: 25-Oct-11 07:02 AM

Posted on 10-25-11 10:17 AM     [Snapshot: 365]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am quite surprised by the comments ppl have been dropping here. Before you make an opinion, it is indispensable to know the depth of subject matter. Just signing a treaty with India does not the put the nationality of Nepal at danger. Think this way: Why would a company from another country will come to a third world country like Nepal and make an investment? You are a Nepali citizen and you are still not comfortable of investing your money. So, what my point is for these foreign companies to make their investment they need some kind of words(or some incentives) from government and thats what this treaty does. 
Why did Call Centres bloom in India and why are they moving to Philippines these days?India decreased its tax so low that it was almost like paying nothing to these western companies. Also, recently the govt. of Philippines brought a policy where it wouldnt charge anything to the call centres and look whats happening. These are different kinds of incentives that has been brought forward by different govt to attract the foreign investment in their own country.
Last but not the least, any western company would definitely have interaction with Indians before they come to Nepal. So, if our govt couldnt attract Indian investment there is no way anybody from any other countries would make an investment. I fcking hate India and their attitudes towards our motherland but for us to make some economy progress, we need Indian investment. There are a lot of rich Indians and if their investment succeeds, its gonna attract more investers. 

p.s~ You guys can yell and shout here but at the end of the day Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Its our country so we think its a different case. NEPAL IS LIKE SOMALIA TO WESTERNERS. Would you go to Somalia and invest?

Posted on 10-25-11 3:10 PM     [Snapshot: 432]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Have baburam thought of how Indian investment will do to our own industry now. How can meronepal n NTC compete with reliance and other. Will there not be Indian monopoly in all sectors? With that happening, don't you guys think that how easy will it become to direct our leaders to bribe n follow towards Indian policies.

Yes we want economy to rise but not with our integrity and sovernity in stake. Just provide right political environment without dhamki Banda, and other scarcity, we can do it ourself. Let's try to be independent. Jai Nepal !
Posted on 10-25-11 3:20 PM     [Snapshot: 436]     Reply [Subscribe]
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   I dont think anyone has the capacity to provide sound political environment in Nepal except god. Because most of the people lack common sense. It's not the politicians, it's the people as well. Though Baburam or some other may wish to improve the political environment but the improvement may not be beneficial for some groups so they will attempt to extend the present quagmire. However, Baburam can, with the power vested by the PM's office, enforce economic policies. 
  Talking about integrity and sovereignty, we have been India's biaaaaatc.h for a long time. It's time to be really sovereign. You can't get there without gaining economic independence. We should all know that all our roads to the western world goes through India.
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Last edited: 25-Oct-11 03:27 PM
Last edited: 25-Oct-11 03:28 PM


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