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Posted on 03-26-20 4:39 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Disney reptilians

This may or may not be a completely new conspiracy theory. I’ve tried researching for anything remotely similar to this, but have come up w nothing. Anyways, let me get into this....

I invited a buddy over I haven’t kicked it w in a while just to smoke and catch up on life. We aren’t super close but we’re super cool w each other. We get into the sesh and just start talking about life, purpose, consciousness,etc...(I been feeling down lately, stuck in life so it was pretty healing) we were getting pretty deep and got onto the subject of Psychedelics. He begins to tell me about the most “eye-opening” trip he’s ever had.

This dude has grown spiritual af since I had last seen him and was selling magic mushrooms. He tells me one day he ate about 4 grams of gold cap psilocybin mushroom w the sole purpose of “wanting to uncover life’s dirty secrets” is how he put it to me. He said he went on a 3 day water only fast, was praying/meditating, and readying his mind for this trip beforehand. He said his heart told him that he needed to trip at his neighborhood park, but his gf was not gonna let that happen on a 107 degree day in Arizona. He said as the trip was coming on the ‘shrooms’ gave him one last warning on the direction his trip would be headed depending on his imminent decisions. He turned to his girl and told her, “Look I know you don’t understand but my minds about to be gone so I gtg!” He explains he just left her at home angry and upset and walked to the park by himself. He said right about as he got there he could feel the shrooms coming on strong and began meditating. He says he felt his body dissolve and was put into a ‘simulation’ where he was some type of computer coding responsible for learning from a “teacher bot”. He and the other ‘codes’ called themselves the “learning bots” and their job was to gather maximum information from the teacher bot and plug that knowledge into a variety of data bases. He says this gave him a huge understanding of AI technology and the how the internet works. Meanwhile he’s talking, I’m just hitting the J hearing all this not really saying much, just listening. He continues to tell the shrooms to ‘show him more..”

He begins to talk about Adam & Eve and the Apple was a resemblance to people gaining “knowledge” which is a gift and a curse. He alluded this to Walt Disney he said that Walt Disney was a wonderful man w a beautiful imaginative creative mind. He was a genius in his art and his knowledge was a gift. The curse lies in the evil geniuses... the ones who seen the positive impact Disney’s animations was having and wanted to gain control of that power for evil. They wanted Walt Disney’s mind..

Keep in mind this dude is alone in the middle of a park late afternoon on a hot ass day in Phoenix “seeing” this while meditating. I put, seeing, in parentheses because he was really trying hard to express to me how vividly the shrooms were showing him all this.

He thought about Disney: then vs now and seen how evil it truly has become. He said for some reason the Disney movie ‘Monsters Inc.’ just started playing in his head w a “universal narration” he called it. He said he seen how these monsters are feared by humans (fear is the unknowing). It showed him the elites mock us by making the main character w the one “all seeing” eye. (Mike Wisowski) Ppl are only scared of “monsters” cause we don’t know they’re power, intentions and capabilities. If the people in the movie knew the monsters were nice they wouldn’t be scared. Anyways he then says he started feeling overwhelmed and scared w how much the trip was actually showing him. He said as he did that he seen his energy and fear start to fill up one of the “scream canisters” from the movie. He then said he seen an “alien hand looking thing” reach out to take the canister away from him once it hit max; then everything turned dark. And he seen a glimpse of light slowly grow into Disneyland which he said at first made him really feel like he was at the “happiest place on earth”. Then, he seen all the fear ppl had while going on the roller coasters, how drained everyone was from waiting in line, and all that energy was filling up millions of scream canisters.

He keeps going and the joint is almost down to the filter. I know I had to roll another one just to keep him there and let him know how interested I really was in everything he was saying. He ends by pointing out to me how much Disney owns, w the media (big6,etc.), connections they have, how much money they make and the power they have. Disney owns A LOT of this world and everyone knows what Disney is. Everyone.

I mention to him I’ve recently become more interested in conspiracy theories and have dug up some pretty wild shit on the internet. I’m sure most of redditor conspiracists have at least heard this conspiracy... I begin to tell him I just read theories that “alien reptilian creatures” have us stuck in this matrix we call life and are using all of our negative energy to power their “world”. After I tell him this he’s like “Bro!! Wasn’t the owner and receptionist lady at Monsters Inc. reptilians!?” After he said that it blew both our minds. I’m already aware of Predictive Programming and subliminal messaging. Ik the elites do throw shit like this right in our face as a big “F U look how much we control”. Is this another one of those movies that correlates to how the our planet is being run at the moment? I know this may sound like a stretch to some, but the discussion left us w many questions. Especially about the movies ending when the monsters made the kids laugh and it was too much power and blew out their corporation... why?? Okok.

So let’s just say... Reptilians do run this place and feed off our negativity.. WHY IS IT OUR NEGATIVITY !? could our energy really be powering another dimension?! And if so, I’d like more theories on why that energy has to be negative and not positive???
Posted on 03-26-20 10:47 AM     [Snapshot: 61]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Who remember saccar adhikari from Australia after watching this vai vudeo
Posted on 03-26-20 5:31 PM     [Snapshot: 163]     Reply [Subscribe]
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पिरक ब्रो ....मलाइ पनि साइकिदेलिक्सहरु एक्स्पेरीमेन्ट गर्न रहर छ ! निउ योर्कमा छँदा मश्रुम खाको त थिए तर खासै केहि असर गरेन ! कोकेंन पनि स्निफ गरे ... खासै असर परेन ! बरु अहिले सम्म साइको चै भाङ्गको लड्डुले हानेको छ ! भोलि शुक्रबार .... भोलि जीवनमा पहिलो पल्ट एल . एस. डि ट्राइ गर्दै छु ! तेस्ले नंन स्टप ८-१० घण्टाको त्रिप दियो रे मेरो आर्को भाइलाइ ! जीवनमा एक चोटी डी. एम. टि पनि ट्राइ गर्ने ठुलो इछ्या छ !

अनि म पनि एक जमानामा कन्स्पिरेसी थियोरीहरु प्रति गहिरो रुच्चि राख्थे ... तर अचेल खासै नया कुरा तिर रिसर्च गरेको छुंइन ! मलाइ सबै भन्दा मन पर्ने थियोरिस्ट चैँ जोर्डन म्याक्सवेल हो ! अनि यो कोरोना भाइरस पनि सिनठेटिक इभेन्ट जस्तो लागेको छ !

बाइ द वे ... नट अल रेपटाइलस् आर देर टू इनस्लेभ अस ! 😁

Last edited: 26-Mar-20 06:04 PM


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