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 Suggestion: Canada vs Australia vs US
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Posted on 05-30-15 3:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am considering moving to Canada or Australia for a Masters (to better my chances of getting a PR; in the US I will always be in a state of limbo). I understand that the standard of living is more or less same in Canada, Australia and US (in big cities). However, I am a bit concerned if I will be able to live as freely in Canada and Australia as a foreigner as I am in the US (in big cities). In New York and Chicago, I’ve never experienced any kind of racism and have never had any problems with American work colleagues. I've also never felt I have been at a disadvantage when applying to finance jobs (as in, no racism; of course lack of citizenship is taken into account). Would my experience be similar in Toronto and Sydney (not sure what other cities are financial hubs)? My profession is in finance, so I would move to a financial hub. Could any Nepali who has lived in the US, and Canada or Australia please share their experience (compare and contrast). Any advice is much appreciated!

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Posted on 05-30-15 5:04 PM     [Snapshot: 107]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It's same shit everywhere. You got to work hard and prove to those suckers in order to achieve something. However, if your goal is to get a PR, Australia and Canada are much easier ( I don't think you will qualify for PR points in Australia as Finance degree is not considered under migration skill category). After living in the US for more than a decade, I have moved to Australia. I have found Australia really a nice country to live, and to raise kids. Health care and all those sorts of things are well taken care by the government (far better than in the US). You'll earn more here, but living cost is really high (more than double than in the US). Again, I would say it is same everywhere, coz you got to work hard and prove to those suckers. Good luck!
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Posted on 05-30-15 5:16 PM     [Snapshot: 105]     Reply [Subscribe]
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A child doesn't experience racism nor he sees badness in any criminal. A small child wants to play equally with a criminal as well as with a scientist. What I meant to say by the above example is that you create your own world by your own mental desires. Your desires puts you in different circumstances and you experience your life according to your own karma. The world outside doesn't really exist in a sense that objective reality is an illusion. In such a situation, how can you expect total perfection? The world exist only in the state of ignorance. At any given moment of time, you experience your own mind whether it be your dream state or waking state. Therefore, try understanding your own mind. Ordinary human beings try to judge things according to their own past experiences and their own learning capacity. Living freely technically doesn't apply to this Mrityu Loka because total independence is impossible here in this planet unless you are a liberated yogi. So, try adjusting your life with people outside and surrounding environment, you will realize that peace lies within and the art of living is not about trying to modify external world but it is more about adjusting own inner mental thoughts. Be at peace by managing your desires! Otherwise, it can create havoc in your life. There is no end to human desires.
The three main types of desires for any human beings are as follows:
1) The desire for a family (wanting spouse, children, sex)
2) The desire of wealth
3) The desire for fame & power

All your desire hovers around these three main desires. And all your activity in life is for the sake of experiencing more and more delight. Life finds its meaning only in delight. Good luck and be at peace!
Posted on 05-30-15 10:31 PM     [Snapshot: 301]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I 've heard that canada and Australia are mostly similar except weather ...Again for students I think Australia is more expensive with both Tuition and fees plus accomodation as well comparing canada or US ...
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Posted on 05-31-15 11:48 AM     [Snapshot: 531]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ma pani Canada tira try garnu paryo ki kya ho. Has anyone moved from the US to Canada to get a MBA (and ultimately succeeded in getting a PR)? Is the job market in Canada comparable to US? Kun school ma try garda ramro hola? la saathi haru yo pidit lai sallah dinuna.
Posted on 05-31-15 9:10 PM     [Snapshot: 676]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree with ujl, its upto us how we perceive our life. Thussa parera jaiEl mood off vayera sad vayera basyo vane homeless kale le pani hepcha, but if u feel hasnsilo happy sabai kura lai positively liyera manche haru sanga deal garyo vane tyo racism sacism vanne chaina, ho tara manche le ar eu from this country that country, where u from etc ta vanchan. depends upon how u take it. Canada is too cold to live like half of the year is snow, i heard. Australia sounds a bet but too many dangerous animals and sea creatures and people have funny accent which is hard to understand, not smooth as  American accent. America is the most biggest and powerful country right now, its the police of the world so think where u wana be. do u wana be the citizen of country that rules the whole world or u wana be the citizen of countries who follows US. US has everything too from party places to beautiful beaches to beautiful vacation spots, u name it.
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Posted on 05-31-15 9:49 PM     [Snapshot: 690]     Reply [Subscribe]
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but life vaneko sanasar ghumanu parcha sansar ko culture hernu parcha so dun stay too long in one damn country. kaile Australi kaile UK. ma pani after 2 yrs UK move hudai chu for 6 yrs then Australia and then Canada then luxemburg and then other countries.
Posted on 05-31-15 10:20 PM     [Snapshot: 733]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 06-01-15 7:17 PM     [Snapshot: 1005]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Divorce ब्रो कसले भन्यो अस्ट्रेलिया मा dangerous animal हरु जता ततै चा भनेर?

येसो यो पढ्ने की , हिजो मात्र आएको news हो ,


American James Morrison first lived in Melbourne for a year more than two decades ago, on a work transfer. Fast forward nearly 10 years, living back in New Jersey, he found himself enduring a daily drive past the ruins of lower Manhattan after the September 11 attacks – and he and his wife Nancy decided the time was right to make a permanent new start in Australia.

"I was travelling by that fire every day for almost a year and decided I just didn't want to live there any more," says Mr Morrison.

"I was at a conference and ran into the guy who'd first brought me to Australia in the 1990s and he asked me when I was coming back. I said, 'I could be there next Thursday'."

It wasn't quite that quick – the Morrisons and their then 4-year-old son Dylan made the move a year and a day after the 9/11 attacks – putting them at the vanguard of a surprising immigration trend. There was a significant leap in the number of American residents in Australia in the decade after 2001, with Australian Bureau of Statistics data showing there were about 60,000 American-born people here that year and 90,000 a decade later, a 50 per cent increase.

American academic Lyman Stone noticed the number while researching the broader American diaspora and drilled down to deliver a standout finding: "I found Australia was the only country that had more Americans than the US had Australians.

"For every other country in the world, the US has more of their people than they have Americans – Australia was the one exception. That was just begging for an answer. When there's only one exception it really merits digging into."

Mr Stone says Australia is now home to the sixth largest American population in the world. The numbers are still tiny relative to the rest of our foreign-born population, but a 50 per cent increase over a decade suggests something unusual is at work.

It is assumed the biggest factor is economic.

"Australia has enjoyed relatively rapid economic growth over the last five to 15 years," he says, noting that it also offered a mix of the foreign and the familiar that made a move attractive.

"My inclination is that Australia is about as exotic as it gets while still getting to speak English and live an approximately American-feeling lifestyle. It feels simultaneously close to home and quite far from home – on the edge of the world but part of the edge of the world you can actually get to."

Dr Bates Gill, an American who heads the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, agrees economic factors are at play.

"With the Oz dollar where it was, [that] was a huge incentive because the salaries looked enormous in US dollar terms. My gut instinct would be that with the GFC and the really serious downturn in the US economy, but with the continued growth in the Australian economy and the spectacular growth in the Australian dollar, that must have been an enormous factor. The prospects in the US didn't look that good, or in Europe for that matter."

Dr Gill noted Australia's position in the Asia-Pacific region as another factor.

"It's transforming into a more Asian place, a Pacific Rim capital. If you're attracted by the overall dynamism of the region but don't speak Chinese or Korean, or you're not sure how you'd fit in in Japan or Singapore, Australia is the place to be. And it doesn't disappoint. There's little to complain about as an outsider coming here."

For the Morrisons, who live by the beach in Mentone, there have been no regrets. Mrs Morrison now has her two sons from her first marriage here – Greg, 26, came after the death of his father eight years ago and is now a citizen. His brother Zach, 29, is waiting on the outcome of a complicated permanent residence application to confirm he can stay for good.

When she first moved here, Mrs Morrison's mother said, "You could not move further away in the world than when you're going". And she admits the vast distance has been difficult at times. But she adds: "I fell in love with Melbourne 10 minutes after we got here".

Thirteen years on, they are enthusiastic promoters of a continuing American invasion. "I tell them all, 'Come on down here'," she says.

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