Celebration - Dashain and Tihaar Program, Sydney, Australia
Date: Saturday, Nov 06, 2004


Dashain & Tihar Program 2004

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Saturday 6th November - 6pm
Marana Hall, Hurstville Entertainment Centre
MacMahon St., Hurstville

Our theme - "Diversity, Unity and Harmony"

This year the hall setting will be cabaret style in table. You may purchase tickets individually or reserve a table.

Ticket Prices:
Adult: $25.00
Child: $15.00 (under 12 years: free)
Table of 8 & 12 are available for reservation at a discounted rate, please contact Bindya Subba.

Tickets can be purchased at the venue however table bookings should be made in advance.

Our Sponsorship Package and Sponsors

Our Artistes

Contact us if you have any queries or if you wish to reserve a table.

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Sponsors and Sponsorship Packages

This year we are inviting businesses and individuals to become sponsors for our program. Details on the sponsorship packages available are in the Sponsorship Proposal Document.

Being a sponsor shows your interest and support in the activities of the Nepalese Community in Sydney and the people who are involved in the activities.

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The following artistes have confirmed their participation in the program this year:

Dance Performers
Reshma Aryal, Subechha Bista, Sandhya Bista, Rajshree Bista, Anupama B.K., Sima Chhetri, Sion Chhetri, Geeta Dhungel, Salu Limbu, Gita Pradhan, Sarojini Pradhan, Bona Rai, Menuka Rai, Rikshma Shrestha, Karishma Shrestha, Neha Subba, Samir Prasai & Sujan Shrestha.

Singers / Musicians
Sushma Gurung, Sujata KC, Razy Adhikari, Prakash Adhikary, Ujjal Aryal, Levin Bardewa, Bishwa Bastola, Chandu Bhandari, Garage'150 - (Sanjog Gurung, Saroj Gurung, Nabin Rana, Suresh Rana & Amitabh Shakya), Labin Gurung, , Binod Lama, Hari Ramjhali, , Nishesh Shrestha, Santosh Shrestha, Binam Tamang, Mohan Jung Thapa & Pawan Thapa.

Lists will be updated as we confirm participants!

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The Cultural Sub-Committee is available to answer your queries, please contact any one of the following people:

Hem Limbu - 95691384, 0412 374 678, hemlimbu@hotmail.com
Ashok Rai - 9580 0414, 0422 291 625, ashok.rai@poports.com.au
Naren Rai - 9748 6075, 0431 062 977, r_nar_99@yahoo.com
Milan Pradhan - 9718 4686, 0403 996 781, milanpradhan@hotmail.com
Anil Thapa-Magar 9748 6075, 0421 438 035, anil_tha_ma@yahoo.com
Bindya Subba - 9385 1886, 0403 642 392, secretary@gnc.org.au

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Updated: September 20, 2004


Venue: Sydney, Australia
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